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Buying your first home or business is often the first time that you will contact an attorney.  The process can be overwhelming and feel stressful.  

Ms. Fiorino has experience in buying and selling real estate and understands that each case may present different issues.  Buying and selling a residence may involve single family dwellings, multi-unit properties, condominiums, or townhomes, or foreclosures. Each sale/purchase may require different terms and conditions or changes to the contract that a person without experience may not be able to assist with.  

Similarly, leasing or buying or selling business property entails issues that are different from residential transactions. Attorneys such as Ms. Fiorino, can help in solidifying the terms of the contract and ensuring that there are protections in place for you.  

 Whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced business owner,  The Fiorino firm can walk you through the process and explain things in a manner consistent with everyday terms that make it understandable .

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