What is a Contract?

A  contract is an agreement between two parties that creates mutual legal obligations that benefit both parties. 

Examples of common contracts in every day life are Real Estate Contracts (buying and selling property),  buying or selling a product or service, purchasing or selling a business, employment contracts, restrictive covenants utilized in independent consulting contracts, to name a few. 



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How can an attorney help me with a contract?

Contracts can be very simple to very complex.  The terms in contracts are often misunderstood by individuals not well versed in the law.  The result of underestimating or misunderstanding the terms in a contract can prove  disastrous to you, your interests, and your income.  It is important to know what the terms of the contract mean as it relates to your intentions.  

Whether you are a physician looking for someone to review your employment offer and corresponding physician contract with a hospital or health network, or an independent contractor looking to protect your rights, we can help. 

Contracts come in all forms and we have experience in handling a multitude of contracts. If you are unsure of what to do or need legal advice about a contract, call us today, we can help. 

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